Pia Jacques de Dixmude

Doubtor, Onderzoeker, Cyclist, Founder, Wonderer, Pedestrian, Collector, Experimenter, Reader, Graphic Designer, Archiviste, Troublemaker, Designer, Faker, Internet-lover and hater, Curious and Amateur. (non-exhaustive list)

Pia’s practice focuses on how the creation of narrative stories and histories have social effects and affects. It can be described as pragmatic surrealism or as absurd bureaucracy. Her methodologies involve impractical solutions, absurd logics and confusion of (re)sources.


Master F for Fact, Sandberg Instituut
At a time when facts are increasingly framed as fantasy, and fiction is often presented as truth, F for Fact aims to develop narratives for the present by looking at past and future representations of reality through an artistic lens.

FLUX is as a way to interact with the different resources encountered and to create (place?) (space?) (territory?) a tool in which an alternative research methodoly takes form.

Belgisch Institut Grafisch Ontwerp
Belgian Institute Graphic Design is an independent organization functioning as a knowledge hub and presentation platform for graphic design in and from Belgium.

Seasonal Neighbours
Seasonal Neighbours is a international collective of 17 artists, designers and social scientists; All share a research methodology based on research-by-making: every member has been working as a seasonal worker in another agricultural context of Europe and processes its experiences throught artistic production and collective exchange.

Open Days 2022

1 Feb - 3 Feb 2021

Project Space 101, Fedlev Building, Sandberg Institute

looking in between the scraps of the building
not too big
not too small
just the size of a fist
the eyes of the cameras are focused on you
you walk steadily towards me
the heels of your cowboy boots resonate as they hit the ground
you approach and extend your left hand towards me
you pick me up firmly
you hold me tightly between your fingers
seems like I am the perfect fit
you take a few steps back
and project me through the plane surface
the glass breaks into millions of parts flying around me
you exhale
as I hit the ground
once again

The Death of the Moth (08'30")

29 Nov - 3 Dec 2021
Sandberg & Rietveld Library,
Around 11:00 and 14:00

Sitting in the library,
one notices the many relationships
which are entangled through, in,
and around the collection of books.

These encounters originates
from the meeting of bodies;
bodies of knowledge,
bodies of paper,
the disintegrating bodies of silverfishes,

Some habitants
are more discrete than others,
such as the moths which fly by night.
They become part of other bodies,
flutter further and die.

The traps
which forms look like small tents
are hanging on the walls
acknowledge however
that the cohabitation with the moth
is not possible anymore.

There is disturbance in the ecology of library.

One might remember
Virginia Woolf
staring through her window in 1942
– a pleasant morning of mid-september.

She observes a moth
flying from one corner
to another
of the window.

She is fascinated by the extraordinary energy of life

and then

in a few seconds


the strangest of death.

Personal and Intimate Annihilation Services (P.I.A. services), was founded in the heart of the bankrupted Slotervaart M.C. Ziekenhuis, a temporary location for the F for Fact departement during the year 2020 - 2021. In the core of its actions, different objects have been or were in temporary state of destruction.

Signalisation for F for Fact Open Studio days , with Éloïse Alliguié, based on the precut helvetica vinyl letters, the 10, 11, 12 & 13 of June 2021.

Signalisation for the brick-making and the warm bed Le Paysage Ménagé , by artist and architect duo Ciel Grommen & Maximiliaan Royakkers, 2021.

Exposing Shadows

Researching the possibilities and the limits of the archive, Pia Jacques de Dixmude tries to reveal the figure of her ancestor, to haunt her own identity. By positioning herself in the role of an archivist different questions appeared on the conception of history by the action of the archive, the Belgian colonial past, and the forces implied in the archive and on personal and national identity. Her research brought her to meet Alphonse’s shadow. This led to the book Exposing Shadows vol.I and vol.II.

Graduation Show, Sint-Lucas Gent, 2018

Sending Roots : Witloof in Transit
Seasonal Neighbours: Our Invisible Hands

30.01 to 17.04.22 Z33, Hasselt

Each year, millions of seasonal workers from southern and eastern Europe come to the west to work in local fields and greenhouses. Their much-needed participation in the harvest contributes to the rich agricultural economy that feeds all of Europe and beyond. Our Invisible Hands visualizes this rural reality in all its nuances.

The travel restrictions during the corona crisis made the vulnerability of the system clearly visible. Borders closed and the call for local help during harvest was launced. The Seasonal Neighbours collective gathered sixteen artists, writers, architects, filmmakers and designers who saw the opportunity of this situation. They temporarily went to work as seasonal labourers, and used this personal experience as the starting point for artistic projects about living together and seasonality at the European countryside.

Our Invisible Hands shows the impact of temporary labour in the agricultural sector, and the perspective of the working man in the rural landscape. Starting from the real-life reality in the field, the exhibition develops themes of rituals, boundaries, communication, identity, coming home, and the relationship between humans and plants. Seasonal labor comes and goes, and is local. How can we understand this ever-recurring migratory flow from within?

About Seasonal Neighbours

Sending Roots : Witloof in Transit

It is not about the chair

The chair is ruined. It was suddenly too late, or was it the perfect timing? Being not patient enough, big strokes of thick orange paint of straining of the back and on the seat, endlessly trying to make it better, it only got worst. My fingers are full of paint which I can’t remove, my head is turning because of the smell. The chair is not how I wanted. I felt first disappointed and that it was destroyed. After a dreadful day of painting, on my bicycle I suddenly felt relieved. Since it is not about the chair, I don’t need the chair. I had to paint it orange to realizing that the chair was just a sort of projection process. It’s a chair of amateurism, trying, caring but also frustration and failing. Can self-sabotage be a research method?

‘Deux de mes trois artistes préférés s’appellent Marcel…’

Self-published book assembling different articles written by Mathieu Jacques de Dixmude, and his collection of artworks related to Marcel Duchamp. This collection of multiple editions, copies, objects and books interrogates the reproduction of ready-mades and the personal action of collecting through the years, 2020.