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It happened in Sweden and in 1972

1972: What a year!

Starting up with the construction of the largest shopping mall of Göteborg, led to researching through a specific time and space lapse: Sweden and the year 1972. This led to merge up two major events in Sweden, as a way to bring social culture with the ecology emergency together. How can you recall to collective memory through the most famous Swedish band, ABBA, which songs are still resonating in karaoke's on a world wide scale to remember the UN conference which took place the same year in Stockholm? During this conference, major decisions were taken about the human environment and the protection of natural ressources which are still leading notions today. This project took form of a series of posters, stickers and a teaser video. Reflection through archival material on how to reconnect past events together and also with the present, which as red thread the notion of time.