Pia Jacques de Dixmude


Doubtor, Onderzoeker, Cyclist, Founder, Wonderer, Pedestrian, Collector, Experimenter, Reader, Graphic Designer, Archiviste, Troublemaker, Designer, Faker, Wanderer, Curious and Amateur. (non-exhaustive list)


Master F for Fact, Sandberg Instituut
At a time when facts are increasingly framed as fantasy, and fiction is often presented as truth, F for Fact aims to develop narratives for the present by looking at past and future representations of reality through an artistic lens.

FLUX is as a way to interact with the different resources encountered and to create (place?) (space?) (territory?) a tool in which an alternative research methodoly takes form.

Belgisch Institut Grafisch Ontwerp
Belgian Institute Graphic Design is an independent organization functioning as a knowledge hub and presentation platform for graphic design in and from Belgium.

Seasonal Neighbours
Seasonal Neighbours is a international collective of 17 artists, designers and social scientists; All share a research methodology based on research-by-making: every member has been working as a seasonal worker in another agricultural context of Europe and processes its experiences throught artistic production and collective exchange.