Focus on the context and history of printed matter, working with archives and other ressources. Based in Brussels.

In between the perfectly aligned rows of books, folders, and boxes, she realises that she forgot what she was looking for.

A graphic design practice that involves...


Workshop '(Un)Making the Archive'
Atelier de Reliure et de design du livre, 22.02 — 26.02


As quiet as a mouse thanks to Eloïse Alliguié
Rue de L'Université 28, 08.06 — 31.08
Installation, Art Au Centre #13

La Portefeuille with Théodora Jacobs
Rue de L'Université 28, 08.06 — 31.08
Installation, Art Au Centre #12

Autoroutes Sauvages Arthur Cordier
The Hague, June 2023
Promotion folder with upcoming exhibitions

I am looking at her looking at them looking at meIoana Lupascu & Maoyi
Vevey, May 2023
Postcard for audio work in the context of Food Culture Days

From the Photocopier to the Letterpress: Scheld’apen through Print
Antwerp, May 2023
Commissioned essay for the publication 'Graphic Design of Scheld'Apen' by Benny Vandenmeulengracht-Vranx and Bent Vande Sompele and published by Stockmans Art Books


Archival Encounters
Parnassusweg 220, 09.06—12.06
Performance, Sandberg Graduation Show

F for Fact invites you to the Courtroom
Parnassusweg 220, 09.06—12.06
Exhibition booklet & signalisation with Eloïse Alliguié

In Good Company: Fortuitous Archival Encounters
Self-published and designed, stapled, 14 x 10,5 cm, 32 p., printed in silver and black on the offset press of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, with drawings by
Theodora Jacobs
Available at Boekie Woekie and San Seriffe.

Sending Roots: Witloof in Transit
Research in the (hi)stories of chicory in Belgium, particularly in “witloof driehoek”, and how these have evolved. Circulation of (living) goods, people, and administrative procedures. Initiated in the context of Seasonal Neighbours.


The Death of the Moth
Sandberg & Rietveld Library, 29.11—3.12

Estuaries: Ways of Knowing
ARIAS, June 2021
Email exchanges and production of the zine “Estuaries: Ways of Knowing” published by Arias, Platform for Research through the Arts and Sciences

Le Paysage Ménagé Ciel Grommen & Maximiliaan Royakkers
C-Mine, Genk Feb.—Jun. 2021
Signalisation for the brick-making and the warm bed

Open Studios F for Fact
Slotervaartziekenhuis, 10.06—13.06
Graphic design for the Open Studio Days of the master program F for Fact with
Eloïse Alliguié

Room 11
Slotervaartziekenhuis, 10.06—13.06
At the Open Studios F for Fact, Presentation of P.I.A. services, Personal Annihilation Services based on (archive) destruction centres and their ecologies.


FLUX is as a way to interact with the different resources encountered and to create (place?) (space?) (territory?) a tool in which an alternative research methodoly takes form.

Deux de mes artistes préférés s'appelent Marcel — Mathieu Jacques de Dixmude
Graphic design for self-published book, 2020


Exposing Shadows
Lucas School of Arts Gent, 29.06—01.07
Graduation show Lucas School of Arts Gent

From the Photocopier to the Letterpress: Scheld’apen through Print Image: Various party tickets made from left-outs from printer shops and stamps, Scheld’Apen, Anonymous Maker 2002.

La portefeuille with Théodora Jacobs, 2023

In Good Company: Fortuitous Archival Encounters, 2022

Photo by Sander van Wettum, Archival Encounters, 2022

Sending Roots: Witloof in Transit — Seasonal Neighbours: Our Invisible Hands , Z33 Hasselt, 30.01—17.04.22


Workshop & Exhibition
'An Eye for Graphic Design'

KASK, 19—22.03.2024
With the bachelor students of graphic design, BINGO investigated the following questions: What catches the eye of a graphic designer? How does the eye perceive the book and typographic details from this perspective? What does it entail to investigate as a designer? As an annex to the travelling exhibition ‘Unpacking Tschichold' Library’, the results of the workshop will be on display as a selection of Belgian avant-garde magazines from the Kunstenbibliotheek.

Workshop '(Dé)Faire l'archive: Comment circuler à travers les documents photographiques de La Cambre?'
Atelier du Livre et de la Reliure La Cambre,
Invited by l'atelier du livre et du papier, I led a workshop within the archives of La Cambre. The goal of the workshop was to introduce the students to the organisa-tion of archives, and different (artistic) practices which can derive from archival research.

Grand Opening Au Charbon
Quai des Charbonnages 80, 12.11.23
First public opening of Au Charbon, which I have the pleasure to be part of. Au Charbon is a non-profit organization located in the heart of Brussels, co-founded by La Gadoue and 3 Studio.

Interdisciplinary module “Le Goût de l'Archive: Exploration des archives (de La Cambre) et de leurs enjeux”
ENSAV La Cambre, Oct. 23 —Jan. 24
This course propose an inventory of the archives conserved in and out of ENSAV La Cambre. Their form, state, access, localisation will be questionned through the questions of gender and respresentation. Program initiated with artist and researcher Lissa Choukrane .

Art au Centre #12
29 Rue de l'Université Liège June-Augustus 2023
With complice
Theodora Jacobs, we present 'La Portefeuille', a coat for alphabetical classification with the first pieces of the collection gathered during three days of walking and wandering around Liège.

Graphic Design Museum Gent
DiNG vitrine Design Museum Gent, May-June 2023
This temporary museum is a working space of Belgian Institute for Graphic Design (BINGO), which is researching the graphic history of Design Museum Gent, and Post Identity Project (PIP*), which is exploring what different new graphic identities the museum can adopt.

Booklaunch and exhibition 'Graphic design of Scheld'apen
Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, May 2023
Invited by Benny Vandenmeulengracht-Vranx and Bent Vande Sompele, I wrote a short essay to accompany the collection of graphic works under the title ‘From the Photocopier to the Letterpress: Scheld’Apen through print’. Book published by Stockmans Art Books

Interdisciplinary module “Rencontres d’Archives”
ENSAV La Cambre, Oct.—Jan. 2023
Initiating an interdisciplinary and collective research around the archives conserved in ENSAV La Cambre with Leroy Meyer, on the invitation of Atelier de la Typographie and Atelier de Communication Visuelle

31ème Prix de la Gravure et de l'Image imprimée
Centre de la Gravure et de l'Image Imprimée La Louvière, 29.10.22—12.03.23
Group exhibition with selected artists

Booklaunch Diepdruk – Vlakdruk – Hoogdruk – Doordruk
Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee, 15.10.2022
Camille Bladt, Laura Bovsòvers-Carette, Wouter Davidts (reds.)
KB45 (Kunst in België sinds 1945, UGent)
With Leroy Meyer, research and article “De kracht van een tijdloos embleem: het logo van het Frans Masereel Centrum”

F for Fact invites you to the Courtroom
Parnassusweg 220, 09.06—12.06.2022

Sandberg Graduation show, presentation of the lecture-performance archival encounters

Project Palace, A Centenary
BOZAR, 01.04—21.07
Catalogue and signalisation of the exhibition “Project Palace curated by Wouter Davidts and BOZAR with
Leroy Meyer for the Belgian Institute of Graphic Design

Booklaunch Off the Grid, Histories of Graphic Design
Design Museum Gent, 22.02.2022
Edited by Sara de Bondt, published by Occasional Papers
To mark the launch of Off the Grid: Histories of Belgian graphic design, editor Sara De Bondt invites authors and contributors to share personal highlights from the book.

Seasonal Neighbours: Our Invisible Hands
Z33 Hasselt, 30.01—17.04.22
Collective exhibition
Our Invisible Hands shows the impact of temporary labour in the agricultural sector, and the perspective of the working man in the rural landscape. Starting from the real-life reality in the field, the exhibition develops themes of rituals, boundaries, communication, identity, coming home, and the relationship between humans and plants. Seasonal labor comes and goes, and is local. How can we understand this ever-recurring migratory flow from within?

Lecture “Sending Roots: Witloof in Transit”
Faculty of Architecture and Planning,Thammasat University Bangkok, 25.10.21

Part of the collective Seasonal Neighbours
Seasonal Neighbours is a international collective of 17 artists, designers and social scientists; All share a research methodology based on research-by-making: every member has been working as a seasonal worker in another agricultural context of Europe and processes its experiences throught artistic production and collective exchange.

Participant temporary master F for Fact
Sandberg Instituut, 2020—2022
At a time when facts are increasingly framed as fantasy, and fiction is often presented as truth, F for Fact aims to develop narratives for the present by looking at past and future representations of reality through an artistic lens.