(Take three minutes to gaze at
the blank computer screen.)

In these last months (February 2020 as I am writing these lines), I have focused on the development of time-notion as a flexible and constructed dimension to give structure to the human existence. My last project led me to interrogate my identity, through my last name (nom de famille) and moreover as a Belgian citizen. My interest has grown within the archive material and its hallowed status: How can this last one be disturbed to create alternative histories through confronting their reflections, their context and furthermore their relationships to the present.

The interpretation of facts must not be seen as separated to fiction, but as two entities which influence and support each other. My practice questions the past from another insight than the one of the historian or the archivist by taking into consideration the importance of the materiality of the archive.

My goal by digging in the past through its crumbs is not to find what others may call the truth but interrogate the influences of past oppressions in order (to a certain extent) attempt to apprehend the future (the perception of ‘time’ being an endless interrogation with my process). I am also intrigued in the current manipulation of archives and how their digitalization brings a new aspiration to their existence and unescapable death.

Pia Jacques de Dixmude